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As part of leading academic medical center (AMC), the only one serving Orange County’s diverse population of over 3 million people, the UCI Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled reliability and and a rigorous, efficient approach to clinical trial management. Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of people in Orange County and the world by supporting academic discovery and healing. As the main clinical operations unit serving to integrate research, clinical expertise and the innovative enterprise at UCI, we are aligned to accelerate the business of clinical trials and expand access to breakthrough therapies as quickly and safely as possible. The CCR operationally supports clinical trials and coordinates interactions with patients and partners across the UCI enterprise, as well as the University of California system at large, engaging local, regional and national communities.


NeuroRx Testimonial

Aside from the clinical excellence, one of the many aspects that attracted us to your site is your stewardship and sense of urgency.