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Common Questions

  • What are the benefits of conducting a study at a major academic medical center?

    We provide access to world-class scientists and clinicians. Our team includes key opinion leaders in a wide range of clinical disciplines, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise for your clinical research needs. 

    With 25 clinical and basic science departments, we offer a full range of clinical skills and expertise. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are committed to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes. 

    As a tertiary care facility, we provide both general care and specialized expertise in rare and difficult-to-recruit diseases. We understand the unique challenges that come with conducting clinical research in these areas and are dedicated to providing the necessary resources and support to help you achieve your research goals. 

  • Why choose UCI?

    UCI is a proud member of the renowned University of California system, with strong collaborations on a statewide level. As such, studies at UCI have access to top-tier resources and a network of talented individuals across the Golden State. 

    Additionally, UCI is home to a leading academic medical center, featuring the only medical school in all of Orange County, California. This unparalleled resource provides our sponsors with distinctive opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in the medical field. 

    Beyond its impressive academic offerings, UCI is situated in the heart of Orange County, which boasts a diverse population of approximately 3.2 million people. The county is not only the third largest in California, but also the sixth largest in the entire United States. This global representation ensures that studies at UCI have access to diverse patient populations by age, race, ethnicity, and social-economic status. 

    Lastly, UCI's prime location on the borders of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego Counties provides unique advantages for drawing participants from these areas. This access to a larger population and a more diverse range of patients ensures that studies are well-equipped to meet their enrollment targets. 

    UCI is an exceptional educational institution with a wide range of strengths, including its strong statewide collaborations, leading medical center, diverse population, and prime location. 

  • How will partnering with UCI Center for Clinical Research (CCR) result in a positive experience?

    CCR represents a game-changing re-engineering of the way that clinical trials are conducted. Operating as a business, CCR is dedicated to providing high-quality service that is delivered on time and on budget. 

    One of the hallmarks of CCR is its large, integrated staff, which includes a diverse array of healthcare professionals such as nurses, medical assistants, technicians, and clinical research coordinators, recruitment and business development specialists, as well as finance and regulatory coordinators assembled from across the medical school and medical center. Every member of the CCR team is singularly focused on clinical research, ensuring that they bring a high level of expertise to every project they undertake. 

    All CCR staff members are well-trained and certified in all key elements applicable to the conduct of clinical research, enabling them to perform their duties with the utmost precision and efficiency. A focused study start-up team stands ready to ensure quick responses to study queries, with the goal of activating new studies in no more than 120 days from IFC submission. 

    As a result of UCI's strong commitment to clinical research, CCR serves as the nucleus for clinical research on campus. It maintains strong ties to key units that support or oversee research, such as the Office of Research, Beall Applied Innovation, IRB, and Inpatient Pharmacy in Orange. In this way, CCR leverages the strengths of the broader UCI community to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality of service possible.