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Sponsor Testimonial - NeuroRx

neurorx.jpg“Aside from the clinical excellence, one of the many aspects that attracted us to your site is your stewardship and sense of urgency.  I recall you pushing me so nicely in our first conversations to move fast, and you and I were negotiating on terms and discussing the protocol while the confidentiality agreement had not been signed, which is completely appropriate with the current times. 

This week I learned that the brother of one my best friends died of COVID-19.  He was a cardiologist / intensivist, mid sixties, no other known risk factors. Clearly, and on a very personal level, our sense of mission and urgency is indomitable.

Other sites have adopted the new protocol, and are dosing as we speak.  Obviously, the patient situation is different from geography to geography, but with the new protocol active at your site, new possibilities have opened up.

Our quest is to help patients - and we know that this study is in great hands with the team at the University of California, Irvine.

Wishing everybody good health, and especially those taking care of patients. 

Thank you for the partnership.”


- Robert Besthof, MIM - Chief Commerical Officer and Head of Operations NeuroRx