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Sponsor Testimonial - CTI

CTI-Jacob-Schlarman.JPG “I wanted to send over a quick note of appreciation to your team. It has been a joy working with them throughout the hectic process of starting up the our COVID-19 study. Each person from the UC Irvine team that we’ve interacted with has been nothing but positive, flexible, and understanding of our common goals. Clear examples would be [the regulatory staff's] flexibility with the recent protocol changes and unending document requests, [one start-up team member] stepping in for another to finalize the budget on Friday evening, or all folks scrambling to schedule the SIV in multiple portions.

For what it’s worth, you have a great team and, surely, much of that ties back to your all’s leadership.

Thank you, again, and we look forward to getting your site activated very shortly!”

Jacob Schlarman, MBA – Clinical Project Manager, CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting Services