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Your UCI Trials Experience

The patient experience at the UCI Center for Clinical Research (CCR) starts with a pre-screening process.  During this time, our study team will ask some basic questions about you to see if you meet preliminary qualifications to participate in a particular study.

Once you pass the preliminary review, you will proceed to the informed consent process where you will learn more details about the study from members of the study team. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the study and the team will ask questions of you to be sure you understand the information. Once all of your questions have been answered, you will be asked to sign the consent form and any related study documents, such as a form giving permission to use your medical records. Please know that at UCI your privacy, security and safety is always our top priority.

At this stage of the study screening process, researchers may need to continue to gather information about you to confirm that you qualify for the study. This process may include a physical examination, blood tests or other procedures; all of which will have been fully described in the consent form you sign.

Finally, if it is determined that you qualify to continue in the study, you will enter the research phase. This phase of the study may include an experimental or investigational treatment. Any treatment you undergo during the research will be what was described in the consent form. Exactly what will happen (and for how long) depends on the goals of the research study. Sometimes researchers will be able to work around your schedule. In other studies, visits may need to happen at very specific times. Once again, all of this will be explained to you during the informed consent process.